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Ask For What You Want with guest McCall Jones August 26th at 1:00pm ET

McCall Jones is a communications professional committed to helping men and women have the most positive and fulfilling personal and professional relationships possible. He has spent his career assisting global brands such as Japan Airlines, Canon, Lever Brothers, Relativity Media and others connect their offers with their audiences.  What he learned about effective communication in advertising, he now applies to training individuals and organizations in the art of powerful, connected communication.

McCall has been researching and studying masculine and feminine communication styles for nearly a decade with some of the best practitioners in the field.  He began with investigating the fundamental needs of people and how these needs connect to the behaviors and the choices all of us make. He now specializes in sharing the knowledge of what makes men and women "tick" with his clients and how to use this awareness to improve relationships of all kinds. To learn more about McCall and his work, visit:  




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Asking for What You Want

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